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Suitcase and Heels Suitcase and Heels

What I Wore in Boston

I was in Boston to attend and speak at the recent Women in Travel Summit. While the conference itself was only 2 days I was gone for 6 so, despite my initial thoughts of going carry-on only, out came the big suitcase. I swear, what I pack for 6 days really isn’t much different than what I’d pack for two or three weeks.

The weather forecast didn’t really help my brief attempt at packing light. It was going to be cold, rainy, maybe even snowy so I would need boots, sweaters, and my fall coat. Ugh.

I decided to stick with a mostly neutral palette and skinny pants that tucked easily into my black leather boots. The exceptions were evening events and for my Sunday morning WITS talk where I decided to stand out and bring a little Spring to Boston with floral heels and a bright pink knit blazer.

Travel Day

What to Pack for Boston |

  1. Black skinny denim / 2. Grey sweatshirt (similar) / 3. Black leather boots (similar) / 4. Ellington leather bag


Exploring Day

What to Pack for Boston |

  1. Olive skinny pants (similar) / 2. Chambray shirt (similar) / 3. Grey t-shirt (similar) / 4. Gold chevron necklace / 5. Black slip-on sneakers (similar)


Shopping Day

What to Pack for Boston |

  1. Black skinny denim / 2. Striped cotton blouse (similar) / 3. Black leather boots (similar) / 4. Ellington Handbags leather bag


Conference Day

What to Pack for Boston |

  1. Olive skinny pants (similar) / 2. Spring sweater / 3. Gold chevron necklace / 4. Black slip-on sneakers (similar)


Speaking Day

What to Pack for Boston |

  1. Bootcut jeans / 2. White t-shirt (similar) / 3. Pink knit blazer (similar) / 4. Floral heels (similar) / 5. World map necklace / 6. Ellington Handbags leather bag

My one purse for the whole trip was a yellow leather crossbody hobo bag from Ellington Handbags. It worked out really well as a travel bag and the colour made me happy whenever I looked at it. It converts from a shoulder bag to a crossbody with a quick switch of straps and has a nifty little end pocket where I kept my phone for easy access. It was also big enough to hold all my in-flight essentials but floppy enough to still look good if if only had my minimal about-town items like wallet and comb. All in all, big thumbs up and I can’t wait to take it to NYC with me this summer.

Have you visited New England in the early Spring before? What did you pack?

Note: I was gifted an Alex Hobo Crossbody bag from Ellington Handbags but all opinions are mine. They didn’t ask that I write a favourable review or that I look like a weirdy, sniffing my purse because of that great new leather smell.

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