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The Beauty of Visiting Trinity, NL in the Fall

Note: Details accurate as of date of publication

It all started with me complaining in a local tourism Facebook group. I hated seeing people on reddit discard their autumn Newfoundland travel plans once they learned that many of the attractions they were interested in, like national parks and boat tours, would be closed for the season by the time the leaves changed colour.

It hurt my soul. September and October in Newfoundland are typically so much nicer than May and June, yet visitors are fewer. In the late spring in eastern Newfoundland trees are yet to have leaves, you may see a few snowflakes and single digit temperatures are the norm. However, in the fall the trees like to show off their foliage, the sun is still hanging around, and we haven’t said goodbye to a bit of warmth yet. While I adore spring in other destinations, in Newfoundland fall beats it hands down.

It’s a catch 22 though: businesses can’t stay open with no visitors and visitors aren’t enticed to come if they think there’s nothing to see or do. What’s a local travel enthusiast to do?

That’s when local innkeeper, Marieke Gow, reached out to me and a few friends to encourage us to show people just how great the town of Trinity and surrounding area can be in the fall.

Challenge accepted!

We planned a two night excursion that would give us a taste of what people could expect from an autumnal trip around the bay. We feasted. We drank. We hiked. We laughed and we learned. Autumn in Trinity is pretty friggin’ fantastic if you ask me.

Interested in recreating our rejuvenating, educational, refreshing weekend in Trinity Bight? I’ve got your back Jack.


Trinity in the Fall


Artisan Inn

Whether you’re looking for a private room or an entire house for your fall trip to Trinity, Artisan Inn has something to tickle your fancy.

If you’re travelling without an entourage, check out one of their 7 rooms and suites located over three houses in the village. Each room also comes with a delicious continental breakfast served up at the Twine Loft each morning. I highly recommend the blueberry muffins with a bit of partridgeberry jam. No matter which room you choose you’ll enjoy a cozy heritage cottage feel with fantastic views. Staying in a room here feels like a hug.

Trinity in the Fall

If you’re travelling with family or other group, you’ll want to look into one of their 7 vacation homes. We were settled away into Admiral’s Lookout for our stay and not a single one of us wanted to leave after just two nights. There’s so much to do in Trinity so be sure to also schedule some downtown where you can just enjoy the peace and comfort of your vacation home. Sunrise coffee on the deck? Sipping wine by the woodstove? Reading novels in the sun-filled living room? Yes please!

I just love when inns and hotels have robes!

Eat – Restaurants in Trinity

Twine Loft

Dinner at the Twine Loft just might be hygge personified. The building is a wooden structure that used to be a fishing shed but now houses a fine dining restaurant. Your meal is served by candlelight and with early October sunsets it was the perfect lighting. They may be fine dining but they’re not pretentious. Example: you may find Goldfish crackers topping your seafood chowder. Be sure to wear something cozy for dinner to top off that contented feeling. Warm, fuzzy feeling, no extra charge.

Trinity in the Fall

Trinity in the Fall

Due to the small size of their kitchen, the Twine Loft is a set menu restaurant. You’ll be sent the menu the night before your reservation and asked to choose your appetizer and main. It’s not the kind of restaurant where you can just pop into but their casual-fine dining is worth planning ahead.

For guests of Artisan Inn, continental breakfast at Twine Loft is included but you can still come by for breakfast, even if you’re staying somewhere else – just call ahead first. Besides the continental options, they also offer hot breakfast choices. Try the toutons…with molasses of course.

While some restaurants will start to close after school starts up in the fall, the Twine Loft is typically open until late October.


Trinity in the Fall

Two Whales Coffee Shop

For breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon treat, I can’t recommend Two Whales Coffee Shop enough. They serve delicious, healthy vegetarian and vegan food and yummy cakes along with some stellar coffee and espresso drinks. In fact, they were one of the first places in Trinity Bight to serve espresso.

Hot beverages are essential on any crisp fall day and you can choose to enjoy your drink in their cozy dining room or take it to go. My personal preference: a slice of carrot cake and a cappuccino enjoyed onsite.

Two Whales is open until early November so there’s no need to go uncaffeinated.


Trinity in the Fall

Oh My Cheeses

How many ways can you think to create a grilled cheese sandwich? Over 5 years, Oh My Cheeses have created almost 90 versions! My own favourite is the Cupids: blueberry balsamic jam with old cheddar. Though I certainly can’t argue with the partridgeberry jam and brie version either. They’re located in the beer garden of Port Rexton Brewery and I’m not sure if there’s anything better. Craft beer and artisan grilled cheese. Mmm… On chilly fall days, you can order at the truck and then wait for your order inside the brewery. Perfection.


Trinity Cabins Pizza Fridays

On the night we arrived, it was too late for Twine Loft, but we were saved by Trinity Cabins. On Fridays they serve up take out pizza and garlic fingers. Pizza is available from Noon – 7:00pm by order or drop by from Noon – 2:00pm to get it by the slice! To order call 464-3657. There’s a hidden gem for ya.



Port Rexton Brewing Co.

Port Rexton Brewing Co. is into their 3rd year of business and not slowing down. They’ve helped usher in the new generation of craft breweries in Newfoundland and remain one of the best. Only a short drive from Trinity, you can enjoy a pint or pick up a growler to take with you.


Trinity in the Fall

Twine Loft Happy Hour

If you’re more of a wine or cocktail person, get yourself to the Twine Loft happy hour. From 5:00pm-6:30pm in the fall, you can enjoy your drink on their oceanside deck or upstairs in their loft. They have over 40 wines by the bottle, 9 wine by the glass options, locally crafted beer, a varied Whisky list and Twine Loft signature cocktails made with local ingredients such as Blueberry Rum Runner and their Rhubarb Slushy. But really…just get the rhubarb slushy. You won’t regret it.


Do – Things to Do in Trinity

Hike Discovery

You may already be familiar with the East Coast Trail and its almost 300km of hiking trails in Eastern Newfoundland but did you know that the Trinity area also has some superb hiking options? The 5km uber scenic Skerwink Trail is the darling of the bunch but you can spend days exploring all the gems on the peninsula. Visit Hike Discovery to get details on the eight trails in their network.

Wanting to try something new, we tackled the 5.5km Fox Island Trail during our October visit. It’s rated easy-moderate and we found that to be accurate. The wind could be a bit bracing but nothing a windproof jacket, hat, and gloves couldn’t fix. The coastal scenery is beautiful and the fall colours were out in full force. The best thing about doing this hike in the fall is the lack of other people. We only saw two other people during our entire loop.

The hike ends with a swing through the village of Champney’s West. Be sure to check out the photogenic fishing stages. You might even meet the very social furry feline town ambassador. ;)


Port Union Factory and Advocate

The nearby town of Port Union lays claim to being the only union built town in North America. Today you can have a look at some of the row houses that were built to house union workers as well as tour the restored Fisherman’s Protective Union (FPU) Factory and former home of their weekly newspaper, The Advocate. Inside you can leaf through many old issues and get up close with the machines that were used to layout and print the paper.

Very different from running something like this blog. We were invited to put together a page and it took us the better part of an hour to find the right pieces and figure out the technique just to print a simple page with a few elements. We couldn’t imagine the work and skill involved in laying out an entire publication. The best bit of knowledge we walked away with however was how popular the Advocate was and how that flies in the face of the stereotype that fishermen were uneducated and illiterate. Just goes to show, things aren’t always how they seem at first glance. It’s worth digging a little deeper.


Trinity in the Fall

Be in the Moment

One of the best things about Trinity in the fall is the peacefulness. It’s one of the best places to go to relax and recharge. Take a deep breath. Smell that fresh ocean air. Go for a walk with no destination in mind.

An added perk of visiting Trinity in the fall? Staying in a gorgeous vacation home is easier on the wallet with shoulder season pricing.

Another shoulder season perk? The Artisan Inn offers a 3-night stay with a hike and dining package during May, June, September, and October with additional discounts, including a set of Hike Discovery trail maps, dinner for two, two complimentary drinks at the Twine Loft Happy Hour, and a four-day itinerary. Can’t beat that with a stick!

Will Trinity be on your fall travel list?


  1. Donna Henrici says:

    May 25th, 2019 at 2:36 am (#)

    We have tried the different months on each trip. Last was September but we loved it just as much as every other month! We will be there is 3 weeks to soak in some of that amazing NL air and sunshine and spend time with the amazing people that live there! Xoxo

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