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2012 Travel Gift Guide

2012 Travel Gift Guide |

Not sure what to get the traveller in your life for Christmas? I’ve got you covered with my travel gift guide.

Less than a month from Christmas and you have no idea what to buy the traveller in your life? Fret no more – I’ve researched it for you and cherry picked the products that I think would make the best gifts for those afflicted with wanderlust. Friends and family… you listening? It covers everything from luggage and packing, dealing with your electronics and a few fun things thrown in. Without further ado… my 2012 travel gift guide.



Power Mate Plus ($32.99) – As a traveller, you’re probably also a heavy smartphone user. I hate having to ration my use because I won’t get to recharge until I’m back at the hotel. With this little device you can give your iPhone a boost and get hours more use from it. Available from Amazon



Kobo Mini ($79.99) – At just 134g this Kobo weighs almost nothing. The 5″ E-Ink touch screen is similar to a small paperback. I’d previously used my PlayBook as an eReader but this beats it hands down for reading in the sun or for any length of time – the battery will last up to a month between charges. Available from Chapters



This will keep your cords from looking like they’ve been doing the nasty in your carry-on.

Grid-It ($9.99-$49.99) – In October I mentioned this as one of my new favourite items of travel gear and for good reason. Its basket weave of elastic bands keeps small objects secured to a rigid board. It’s perfect for keeping charging cords and small electronics neat and tidy. It also makes packing simpler. Available from Cocoon Innovations



Compass Ring ($75) – A little something for you fashionista travellers. I love this sterling silver ring because it’s simple and small and the compass design reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’m going. Available from Etsy



Travel Hacking Cartel Membership (starts at $15/month) – Know someone who wants to get started travelling but needs some help with that first plane ticket? Consider getting them started in the Travel Hacking Cartel. This is especially useful if you live in the US. They guarantee that if you follow their tips you can earn 100,000 frequent flyer miles every year. Memberships available from The Travel Hacking Cartel



Portable Charging Station ($169.99) – If you really want to ramp up your device charging, consider this portable charging station. It allows you to charge up to four devices at once and comes with a detachable wall adapter and carrying case. Available from AViiQ



Scratch Map ($24) – I’m one of those people who love to keep track of where they’ve been – just part of me being a data nerd – so I love this world map. After you visit a new area, scratch it off the map. Available from Uncommon Goods


Travel Gift - Pacsafe Purse |

PacSafe Anti Theft Handbag ($59.99) – This handbag seems to be a good size for a day travel bag and it comes with a lot of great safety features such as a slash-proof strap, RFID blocking pocket and a clip to keep the zipper from being snuck open. I like it in this plum colour but it’s comes in three other shades as well. Available from Pacsafe



GoToobs ($9.99) – Why waste money buying travel sized versions of your usual shampoos and soaps? These 3oz squeezable, refillable bottles are great for carry-on only travellers as well since they fall under the size restrictions. Available from Smallflower



Dave’s Been Here Travel Pillow ($19.99) – I love my current inflatable travel pillow because it packs up small when I’m not using it and provides me with extra support that airline pillows just don’t give. What I don’t like about it is that if I wear it around my neck in the traditional way it pushes my head forward (I put mine over my shoulder instead). The great thing about the DBH travel pillow is that the middle doesn’t inflate much so your head stays at a natural angle. No longer available.



Tiltpod Mobile ($15) – This ultra-portable tripod for smartphones is perfect for the solo traveller who’s tired of arm’s length photos. It has a grippy bottom and a ball head mount so that you can tilt your phone to whatever angle you need. It’s perfect for anytime you need a little extra stability to take great phone photos. Available from Photojojo



Touchscreen Gloves ($28) – Gloves with conductive fingertips are a must for using any touchscreen device outdoors in winter. They come in many different styles and price points but I like these cheetah patterned ones for a little extra style. Available from Nordstrom



iPad Keyboard Case ($78) – I don’t know about you but I get frustrated using a virtual keyboard on a tablet if I have to write anything longer than a tweet. Bluetooth keyboard cases are an awesome solution if you have any “serious” writing to do. With this accessory they bridge the gap nicely between phones and netbooks and means one less device you’ll need to take on your travels. Perfect for blog writing on the road. Available from Amazon



GoPro Hero 3 ($399.99) – Do you have an adventurer in your life who would love to capture the action? The new wi-fi enabled GoPro Hero 3 is the smallest and lightest GoPro yet. Shoot hi res video and take action photos like the pros. This puppy is on my own wish list. Wonder if Santa reads this blog? Available from GoPro



ChicoBag Travel Pack ($29.99) – Want a day pack while you travel but don’t want to check another bag or deal with another carry-on? This is for you. Made of recycled PET ripstop fabric, this day pack folds down into a neat little pouch when not in use and can be packed in your check or larger carry-on bag. Available from ChicoBag

What items are on your own wish list this year?

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