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Ultimate Travel Gear Packing Guide for Women

One of the most common questions new travellers have is, “what do I pack for a trip?” So, I’ve put together a packing guide for female travellers. This travel gear packing guide covers all of the essentials, electronics and camera gear I bring on each of my trips.

As a frequent traveller and blogger, I invest in high-quality gear that can hold up over many flights and many miles. The last thing I want is to have to replace gear over and over. Get quality gear, even if it costs a little more, and you’ll see that it saves money in the end!

Here is a list of gear I use, but keep in mind that not everything is suitable or necessary for every trip of type or traveller. Use this guide to create your packing list.

Below you’ll find my travel gear packing guide that I use and love!

Luggage & Packing

These packing essentials are perfect for nearly every type of trip.
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In-Flight Essentials

After 8 years of international trips, I’ve fine-tuned my in-flight must haves.
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Electronics & Photography

To maintain this blog, I travel with a virtual office so this is possibly more than you’ll need.
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These are just a few of the other items that I find myself packing over and over.
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