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Staying at The Luxus in St. John’s, NL

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |

When you think luxurious, indulgent night on the town in St. John’s, two things should come to mind: dinner at Raymonds Restaurant and a stay at the Luxus. The prices aren’t for the faint of heart but both experiences are memorable and remarkable. I was recently lucky enough to experience both and I’m still pinching myself. What is this life?

Now, everyone around St. John’s has heard of Raymond’s, undeniably one of the best restaurants in Canada, but the Luxus Boutique Hotel remains a bit of a hidden gem. Even my cab driver needed directions, despite it being downtown, across the street from Raymonds, and having been open for almost a year now.

Pure Boutique

Sure, the name might sound a bit like a Vegas nightclub, but it’s pure serene elegance inside the rooms. With only six rooms, it’s the definition of boutique. This small size also means that you won’t find a traditional reception area. There’s a hip cocktail lounge on the ground floor where you’ll check in. It’s also a good place to either get primed for your night out for a nightcap before bed.

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into a room, any room, at The Luxus is the amazing view out to the harbour. This kind of view of Signal Hill and the Narrows is coveted in St. John’s. Be warned though, an ALT Hotel is currently under construction across the street and may soon steal some of the views The Luxus is currently enjoying. So get there now for a stay.

If you can tear yourself away from the view, you’ll notice the almost 12’ ceilings and the polished walnut walls that make the room feel even larger than it is. The elegant and plush furnishings have an air of old school Hollywood glamour about them and made me feel a bit like a starlet.

TV & Tub Time

I’ve made no secret of my love of hotel robes and slippers, but I also love giant soaker tubs. They’re a rare find. Not only did my room at The Luxus have the heavy kind of robes that make me feel pampered, but there was a soaker tub next to a glass wall through to the room so I could soak and still watch the Olympics on the 70” tv. And yes, the remote works through the glass.

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |

The tub even beat out the walk-in closet for the title of favourite feature but it was a close call. I hadn’t stayed in a hotel before that had a proper walk-in and it was so nice to be able to keep my luggage out of sight.

But back to the bathroom for a hot second.

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |

The onyx sinks are amazing and the large shower is full of spray options: rainfall, regular, handheld and BVLGARI toiletries, but I have two words for you: Japanese toilet. I actually first encountered these remote-controlled toilets in Korea and while you might think “Why do I need a remote with my toilet?” trust me, you’re going to like this one. There’s a built-in bidet and dryer along with a seat warmer. Learn how to turn it off before you get up though or you’re going to have some wet walls.

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |

Robes in the Hall

I only have two cons with The Luxus. The first is more of a personal preference than anything but I found my bed to be firmer than I like. I still slept well but I love those hotel mattresses where I sink in and this one didn’t quite have that pillowy-ness. Secondly, while there’s access to the breakfast and coffee bar in the hallway 24/7, there’s no in-room coffee machine. So I wore my robe and slippers out into the hall, complete with wet hair, to make my morning coffee. Not ideal but it got caffeine into my system. Getting the room door open with a bowl of cereal in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other proved to be more of a challenge though. Providing small trays at the breakfast bar would help in that task.

Overall, the Luxus is one of the premier, high-end hotels in St. John’s and if you’re looking for a level of luxury, say to match the elegance of Raymonds, then you need look no further than across the street.

The Luxus Hotel - St. John's, NL |


  • Where: 128 Water Street, St. John’s, NL
  • Cost: 1-bdrm suite $379/night, 2-bdrm suite $579/night
  • Number of Rooms: 6
  • Amenities: free wifi, free continental breakfast, robes, slippers, heated floors
  • Rating: TripAdvisor 5*
  • Check Availability

Note: I was a guest of The Luxus but but all opinions are my own. They didn’t ask for a favourable review or that I stay in the tub watching the Olympics until I got pruney.



  1. Chris Woodley says:

    March 19th, 2018 at 1:01 pm (#)

    Thanks for the review Melissa.

    I am the new manager of The Luxus in St. John’s, and am pleased to read your comments. The idea of trays for breakfast is great and easily accommodated. I’ll get this in place as soon as I can.

    All the best
    Chris Woodley
    The Luxus Boutique Hotel St. John’s

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