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Slovenia is the perfect destination for solo female travelers looking for a mix of natural beauty, rich culture and outdoor activities. From the Julian Alps, to the stunning lakes and rivers, to the charming towns and villages, Slovenia offers a diverse array of experiences for the solo female traveler to explore and enjoy.

Dragons in Ljubljana

How Ljubljana Became the Dragon City

Before Khaleesi laid waste to Lannister soldiers on Game of Thrones, Ljubljana had its own dragons. Between Dragon Bridge in the city centre and the city flag, to the manhole covers and the stuffed dragons for sale in gift shops, you can’t miss them. But what’s the connection? Why is Ljubljana the city of dragons?


Hotel Park - Ljiubljana, Slovenia

Staying at Hotel Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2016 Ljubljana, Slovenia was named Europe’s Green Capital. In the middle of the green capital, surrounded by parks, is the city’s greenest hotel. Some hotels say they’re environmentally friendly and sure, they may not wash your sheets and towels every day but they’ve got nothing on the Hotel Park in Ljubljana.


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