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Drinking with Cats – Visiting a Korean Cat Cafe

Every time I told Pierre that I wanted to visit a cat cafe when I was in South Korea he would tease me. I freely admit that I’m an unabashed cat lover. I have a big fluffy ginger cat at home that I miss every time I travel. We didn’t have much time in Seoul so it looked like I was going to miss my chance to visit a cafe again. Since Gunsan is a small city it was unlikely they’d have one. But lo and behold… what did a Google search turn up? A cat cafe just recently opened up in our fair city. There was much rejoicing.


Love Land |

Love Land: Come with a Sense of Humour

Happy Valentine’s Day! And do I have a post for you…but first…you may want to hold off on reading this post until you’re somewhere not so public lest you shock your co-worker or that little old lady on the bus. Love Land on Jeju Island is South Korea’s first sexual theme park featuring over 140 sculptures that take a lighthearted look at sex. Come with a sense of humour and you won’t be disappointed.


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