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Tips for Lost Luggage

Nobody likes dealing with lost luggage. Even though what happens next after your suitcase has been checked and disappears into the dark abyss of the luggage belt is entirely out of your control there are still some things you can do to mitigate the disaster of lost luggage. And while the tidal wave of lost baggage starting to get better, it’s still good to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.


Packing Guide - Dubrovnik

What to Pack for Dubrovnik

I visited Dubrovnik in September 2012 and, though it’s the only time I’ve been so far, I think it’s the perfect time to visit King’s Landing. The weather is still warm enough for shorts and swimming in the sea but the crowds are thinner. When thinking about what to pack I kept coming back to items with a nautical or Mediterranean vibe. What would you pack?


Venus Snap |

Friday Find: Venus Snap Travel Razor

I must admit that I love my fancy Venus razor with replaceable blade cartridges, but it sucks at travel. The packaging for the blade wasn’t reusable and just sticking the razor into my toiletry kit while on the road was a dangerous, messy option. I may have fist pumped in the aisle at Target when I stumbled onto the Venus Snap.


Check a Suitcase

It’s Not a Sin to Check a Bag

My teeny entryway closet is overflowing. Despite my various racks, shoes spill out. They take up space in my spare room closet. They lurk under my desk at work. Sometimes they stowaway in my car. There may even be a pair or two hiding in my suitcase. They are one reason why I can’t seem to pack light.


Bra bag from the Brag Company |

Friday Find: Hard-shell Bra Case

I apologize right now to my male readers. You’re probably going to have little interest in what I’ve got to say. Unless you too have trouble with mangled bras and underwear going astray in your suitcase. In which case, read on and say good-bye to squashed bras.


Friday Find: Ivory 2-in-1

These days, whether you’re a carry-on only traveller or one who, like me, has a bad habit of packing a suitcase full to bursting, finding products that can do double duty is always great. Today’s find isn’t even one I was out hunting for which made the discovery even better.


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