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Nicaragua is an ideal destination for solo female travelers looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, rich culture and natural beauty. From the colonial cities of León and Granada, to the lush rainforests, to the active volcanoes and beautiful beaches, Nicaragua offers a diverse array of experiences for the solo female traveler to explore and discover.

Towns Visited: Granada, San Juan del Sur, Leon

Island Hopping in El Nido

The Philippines and Nicaragua: 8 Unexpected Similarities

When you think of Southeast Asia, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? White sand beaches? Elephants and tigers? Temples? You’re not alone. Most people think only of mainland SEA when thinking about the region but it actually a much larger area, including the Philippines. I spent two weeks in Bohol and Palawan last year and I was expecting those white sand beaches but what I wasn’t expecting were the similarities I kept finding between the Philippines and Nicaragua


How much does it cost to travel to Nicaragua

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Nicaragua

This past March I spent 15 days travelling around the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. I went surfing, ziplining, horseback riding, volcano boarding, and more. And I still managed to come home with a few dollars in my pocket. How much did it actually cost me to travel around Nicaragua for two weeks?


Managua at Night

We Have Begun Our Descent into Managua

The city’s lights came into view as we descended from 35,000 feet on a hot March night. The lower we got, the clammier my hands, and the more active the butterflies in my stomach. I glanced at my FitBit. Resting heart rate of 104. Nope, not anxious at all. “What am I doing? Maybe I should’ve stayed in Houston.”


Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua |

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

I could feel my feet heating up inside my hiking sneakers as they dug into the side of the volcano, trying to maintain some control over my downward speed. Dust and rock kicked up into a cloud around me as I hurtled down the side of Cerro Negro, the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua. Some horrific accident? Nope, I signed up for this.


San Juan del Sur Shop |

The Markets of Masaya, Nicaragua

“Let’s go to the local market. Forget the tourist one. Why pay more?” I wanted to check out the markets in Masaya but didnt want to go alone, so tagging along with my new hotel friends was perfect. We wanted to see where the locals went. Forget the sanitized versions meant for gringos, give us the real deal.


Visiting Nicaragua |

Making the Decision to Visit Nicaragua

Do I go? Do I stay home? Do I pick another country? Or do I stick with my first plan and travel to Nicaragua? For 2016, I want to travel somewhere new. Make sure my travel skills haven’t gotten too rusty. For my Spring getaway I knew I wanted warm weather, good activities, good food, and hopefully make a few travel friends. But it had to be cheap. My thoughts turned to Central America.


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