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Suitcase and Heels Suitcase and Heels


Cities Visited: Calgary, Banff, Lethbridge

Johnston Canyon Alberta |

Postcards from Johnston Canyon

When I was planning my few solo days in Southern Alberta I knew of the big guns: Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise. I hadn’t known about Johnston Canyon until a few weeks before I left, despite it being one of the busiest trails in the area. As soon as I saw pictures though I knew it had to make it onto my itinerary.


Vulcan, Alberta -

Live Long and Prosper in Vulcan, Alberta

There’s a town in Southern Alberta, Canada where each summer the 1800-odd residents put on pointy rubber ears and welcome hundreds of Trekkies to celebrate the home planet of one, fictional, Mr. Spock. Where you can have your photo taken while dressed as a Klingon or an unlucky Red Shirt and sit in the Captain’s chair, commanding Number One to ‘make it so’. Where you can buy a bag of tea emblazoned with the face of Sir Patrick Stewart. Tea. Earl grey. Hot.


Banff Horseback Riding |

Horseback Riding the Rockies

As cliché as it might be there’s just something about Alberta that makes me want to play cowgirl. Jeans, hat, boots, big belt buckle…I want the whole deal. So of course I had to seek out a place to go on a trail ride. The experience certainly didn’t disappoint.


Juniper Hotel - Banff |

Staying at The Juniper Hotel in Banff, Alberta

When most people think of Banff, Alberta they think luxury resort town. Sure there are some high end properties in town but there are also excellent affordable offerings too. I was only in Banff for one night this fall and stayed at the Juniper Hotel. It’s actually just outside the main town centre which means that, unlike hotels in town, you get a great view of Banff and a more panoramic view of the mountains.


Canoes at Lake Louise |

2013: An Instagram Flashback

There’s nothing like a little nostalgia of the year gone by. I’ve always loved looking back at old photos and reliving the memories. It’s almost like you get to experience them all over again. I know I’ve already told you my top travel moments of 2013 but since I’m such a sucker for visuals I want to share some with you some photos that may not have made it to this site or Facebook.


Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, AB |

A Weekend of Affordable Luxury, Art and Design in Calgary, AB

As soon as I stepped into the lobby of the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, Alberta I felt out of my element. The soaring ceilings, giant chandeliers, and marble floors let me know that I was in for a night of luxury. The Palliser isn’t trying to be hip and trendy, but instead has a timeless class and luxury about it. Normally this would be the type of hotel that I would aspire to stay at while I schlepped my stuff to a rental or budget inn, but Fairmont teamed up with PARK (Promoting Artists | Redefining Kulture) to offer some packages that made a weekend of luxury realistically affordable.


Lethbridge Corn Maze |

An Amazing Maze of Maize

I’m surrounded by 9 acres of corn that reaches well over my head and blocks my view. I’ve reached a dead end and can no longer see the tower that was acting as my landmark. I’ve made enough turns this way and that so I no longer even know which direction I’m facing. Crap. I should’ve left a trail of breadcrumbs so I could at least find my way out of the maze like a modern day Gretel in knee-high boots and Ray-Bans.



The Next Adventure: Alberta Bound

As you’re reading this I’m probably 30,000 feet in the air off on my next adventure. I’m staying domestic this time and am headed to the land of beef, mountains and cowboys. Can you believe I’ve never been to Alberta before? Me neither. So I’m Alberta bound today.


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