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Chicken Shit Bingo - Austin

Under the B…Number Two: Playing Chicken Shit Bingo in Austin

“It’s like bingo…but with chickens,” I implored. “So you, like, wait for the chicken to walk across your card and poop?” my friend asked, obviously grossed out.“ “No, there’s actually only one card and the chicken’s in a cage. You know what,” I mused, “it’s actually more like chicken shit roulette when you think about it.”Ah, Austin…land of the weird.


Tree Climbing in Monteverde

Climbing Trees in Monteverde, Costa Rica

A spider monkey I am not. They run up and down tree limbs with ease, swooping from one branch to another. Meanwhile, I huff and puff and awkwardly hoist myself from one climbing hold to another. I have the upper body strength of a T-Rex but yet seem to prefer to try to pull myself up the tree rather than push myself with my legs. Knowing this, I still signed up to take a go at the Arboreal Climbing Park at Sky Adventures in Monteverde, Costa Rica.


When a City Girl Goes Camping

Based on the name of this site, you’d assume that camping wasn’t my thing. And… well… you’re not entirely wrong. But I decided to put that to the test with a friend recently backcountry camping in Terra Nova National Park. What could possibly go wrong? We’d commune with nature, spend a night in the fresh air, and wake up to birds chirping next to a pond. What could go wrong?


Ballie Ballerson - ball pit bar in London

I Went to a Ball Pit Bar…and Things Got Weird

I’d just fallen over and was quickly being engulfed by a quarter million white semi-translucent plastic balls. The people falling around me were creating waves of balls and making the levels rise until I almost went under. Techno music thumped through the air, filling my ears and making my pulse quicken. I tried to stand up but floundered, never quite getting my footing. A stranger’s hand suddenly shot through the crowd like a life preserver. I latched on as he heaved me up. “That was awesome!” I shouted.


Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua |

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

I could feel my feet heating up inside my hiking sneakers as they dug into the side of the volcano, trying to maintain some control over my downward speed. Dust and rock kicked up into a cloud around me as I hurtled down the side of Cerro Negro, the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua. Some horrific accident? Nope, I signed up for this.


SUP With You?

Every now and then a new activity will emerge and become really popular. It seems like everyone and their dog is doing it, so you’d best try it too. That was my thought on stand up paddle boarding (SUP) when I went to Puerto Rico. It seemed like fun, based on previous articles I’d read. So how did it go? Read on…


Glow with the Flow: Bio Bays in Puerto Rico

I dipped my hand in the warm waster of Laguna Grande, scooped up a handful and let the contents run down my arm. The water lit up and sparkled like I was a float in a Disney light parade. With every dip of a paddle or swish of a hand the water would glow. Almost like someone had cracked open a glow stick and emptied the contents into the lagoon. There’s a reason bio bay visits are one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Rico.


CN Tower EdgeWalk |

Living Life on the Edge – CN Tower’s EdgeWalk

The EdgeWalk guide called it “Toes Over Toronto”. I called it terrifying. So there my 10 little digits were, perched over the edge of a grate, 1168 feet over Bremner Avenue. Every time I looked down my head would swim and I felt like I was going to fall forward. My fingers tightened on the thick black cable that was keeping me from doing the world’s most epic swan dive. How did I end up tethered to the top of the CN Tower anyway?


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