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Mimoza |

Restaurant Mimoza – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Food in Dubrovnik was disappointing. Nothing bad per se, but just rather mediocre. Maybe I was eating at the wrong restaurants. Maybe it’s all just geared towards the never ending stream of cruise ship passengers who prefer familiar foods. Restaurant Mimoza was like port in a storm of blandness. Reasonable prices and good, tasty simple food in a pleasant atmosphere. Get yourself out of Old Town and its crowds and check out Restaurant Mimoza next time you’re in Dubrovnik.


The Old Bridge in Mostar |

Mostar: A City Divided

It wasn’t the gorgeous, reconstructed bridge that first caught my attention as my bus rolled into Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was the battle scarred buildings that looked like the fighting had only ended yesterday instead of nearly 20 years ago. Although Stari Most has been put back together like Humpty Dumpty never could and spans the Neretva again, the city itself is still divided.


My New Favourite Travel Gear

Before every big trip I think “I must have everything I need. I don’t need to buy anything.” and yet every time, I buy stuff. Usually it’s clothes. Sometimes it’s gear. Often it turns out that I didn’t really need the things I bought. This time though I actually made my travel ife easier with these new purchases. If you’re doing some traveling soon and haven’t yet refined your gear list down to the essential must-haves, let me show you what worked for me.


Buza I

Cold Drinks with the Most Beautiful View

Want to experience the best hidden-in-plain-view hidden gem in Dubrovnik? You’ll need to play hide and seek with a couple of holes in the city walls. The search will be worth it though when you’re perched on the cliffs, sipping your cold beer watching ships sail by as the sun sets on the Adriatic Sea. Just watch your step.


Buza I - one of Dubrovnik's cliff bars

Photo of the Week: Buža I

Perched on the rocks, clinging to the southern ramparts of Dubrovnik’s city walls, Buža I is a not-so-hidden, yet hard to find gem. If you can find the entrance that pierces the city walls you’ll be greeted with unobstructed stunning views in shades of Mediterranean blue. Just limit yourself to a drink or two because there are no bathrooms and few railings.


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