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Ghosts in the City of Legends – The St. John’s Haunted Hike

Poltergeists… spirits… apparitions… shades… whatever you want to call them, St. John’s is full of ghosts. Probably not too surprising for a city that’s over 500 years old with a healthy dose of dark stories in her past. If you’ve ever wanted to hear about a few of these hauntings while standing on the spots where they occurred, the St. John’s Haunted Hike is happy to oblige. Dubbed an “Ambulatory Theatrical Exploration of the Macabre”, the hike brings to life ghoulish tales of hangings, murders and other deeds most foul.


Surfing in Tamarindo

Learning to Surf in Tamarindo

Paddle, paddle, paddle. Push up. Plant left foot. Plant right foot. Stand up. Oh my god I’m actually doing it… I’m surfing! After proudly hopping off the board in the knee-deep water I looked around expectantly to see who had seen and recognized my brief moment of glory and triumph. Not a bloody soul. Solo travel sucks sometimes. Surfing was something I just had to try while in Costa Rica. Like a good romance, despite some initial frustrations I stuck with it and now I’m hooked.


Hotel Royal Corin

Staying at the Hotel Royal Corin in La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I knew right away that I’d made a good choice of hotel in La Fortuna when the van pulled up to the entrance and I was immediately greeted with a fizzy mock-tail of delicious tropical juices and a big smile, while someone took my bags. With free wifi, a full restaurant, spa and three bars I knew my needs would be taken care of but it was the private hot springs I was really looking forward to. If you’re traveling to the Arenal Volcano area of Costa Rica and want to feel relaxed and pampered, the Hotel Royal Corin will delight and treat you well.


Home Town Tourist: Up the Pond

It’s been years since I’ve been to the Regatta. Instead I usually spend my holiday Wednesday at home. Wednesday you say? Who has a holiday on a Wednesday? Well, we do…but sometimes it’s Thursday. The odd time it’s on Friday. This year I decided to go down to the pond to remind myself what all the fuss is about.



How to Stay Stylish at the Airport

I’ve just booked a huge round the world itinerary with some really long overnight flights and I’d really like to avoid looking like a homeless person when I land so I’ve been thinking about how I could retain some modicum of style while still being comfortable. Surely, there’s a compromise between high fashion and looking like you rolled out of bed and onto the plane?


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