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Sunday Snap: Music and Drinks in Dublin

Drinks and Music in Ireland |

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Even though I just landed in South Korea I couldn’t pass up the chance to reminisce about my time in Dublin, Ireland in 2011. The only plan for every evening was to find a pub and hopefully some live music. Thankfully, both are about as easy to find in Ireland as sheep. Trust me, that’s easy. I couldn’t decide on just one photo since it seems like a good number of my favourite memories involved both beer and tunes.

  • It was a special moment when I was invited up to play bodhran with the pub’s musicians. My knees were shaking and my mouth went dry but I think I got away with it without embarrassing myself.
  • I learned how to pull a proper pint at the Guinness brewery. I’ve since put this skill to use in airport lounges.
  • Doing shots of Jameson’s with my dad on a tour bus in Co. Wicklow was pretty cool…
  • …as was stumbling upon buskers while shopping on Grafton Street
  • It was a real privilege to get to see Lúnasa play, who I’ve been listening to for over a decade, and also to meet a couple of the guys afterwards.

For drinks and music there’s hardly a place better than Dublin, Ireland!

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