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My Minimalist Travel Makeup

I always love seeing what other people pack or what they carry around in their purse. It’s fascinating to see what they consider essential items. I also love reading these articles because I never know when I’m going to stumble onto some great new find. With that in mind, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into my travel makeup bag. Show you the items that always get packed when I’m prepping for a trip.

Minimalist Travel Makeup |

  1. Etude House Look at My Eyes Jewel eyeshadow
    The colour on this is neutral enough that it goes with pretty much any outfit but the shimmer gives it a little oomph
  2. Tweezers
  3. Lip brush
    I picked this up cheap in South Korea and use it to apply my lipstick – necessary control for days when I go red.
  4. Aqua Max Sebum Control Moisture Cream in a contact lens case
    I like this moisturizer but it comes in a large glass jar, which isn’t travel-friendly.
  5. CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm… which has been discontinued. *cries*
    I love this gloss balm since it adds colour and is never dry or sticky. I’m going to have to find a replacement now though.
  6. NARS The Multiple in Riviera
    This is a great double duty travel product because you can wear it as a cheek stain but also as an eye shadow and even as a lip colour. If you were really tight on space you could pack just this and a BB cream and be good to go.
  7. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream
    I brought home at least four different kinds of BB cream from my trip to South Korea and this one has turned out to be my favourite for colour and coverage.
  8. Innisfree Eco Curling Mascara
    I don’t always pack mascara but this is my go-to since it doesn’t go on clumpy and is easy to get off.
  9. Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder
    I carry this one in my purse since it’s great for getting rid of mid-day shine in my T-zone.
  10. EOS mint lip balm in Sweet Mint
    My go-to lip balm during winter months. It’s easy to apply with gloves on and I like to quick blast of mint.
  11. ecoTools eyeshadow brush
    If you’re packing eyeshadow, you’re going to need a brush. I gotta admit, the eco bent of this company is why I choose this brush.
  12. New York Color City Duet in The Red Hots
    This is another great double duty product and it’s a steal to boot. This lipstick is half red, half pink which makes it the perfect travel companion when you want choice but don’t want to pack extra stuff. I find it can be a little dry (at <$3 I’m not really complaining) so I just use a little lip balm first.

Travel Makeup |

Favourite short trip trick: using contact lens cases to carry small amounts of products like BB cream, moisturizer, and argan oil for my hair. I find these are just the right size for a week long trip or less.

Pro tip: find a simple daytime makeup look that will work for any outfit. For evening you can add on mascara or a more dramatic shadow and swap out your lipgloss for a more potent lipstick.

Travel Makeup |

I keep everything in this awesome case from Melissa Beth. It has two clear cases inside: makeup in one, toiletries and hair products in the other. The see-through bags also mean that I can see exactly what’s inside and don’t have to dig around. I also love elastic slots on the cover where I can store my makeup brushes, toothbrush, and Tide to Go pen. If I’m going on just a short or minimalist trip I can take one of the clear cases with me, but if it’s longer I’ll take the whole cube – the shape makes it super easy to pack in my luggage. I also love the cute colour and velour material. Makes it feel very posh.


Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to forgo all your beauty products, but it also doesn’t mean you need to pack the whole bathroom cabinet. Find a simple look that works with anything and look for double duty products to boost your packing power and you’re golden.

What are your favourite beauty products for travel?

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