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Friday Find: 7 Jumpsuits for Travel

Jumpsuits for Travel
Maybe I have ad remarketing to blame but I’m seeing a lot of jumpsuits crop up for spring/summer 2018. And it occurred to me that they just might be great for travel. They can be dressy or super casual depending on style and fabric. As a girl whose thighs touch, I love that I don’t have to worry about my legs rubbing. I’m also very much here for the simplicity of one piece outfits. Add sandals or sneakers and a denim jacket for a day look and switch to strappy sandals and jewelry for evening.

For warm weather travel I’m really digging wide-legged culotte style jumpsuits. All of the easy breeziness of a dress, none of the chafing. I love the idea of rompers as well but as someone in her late 30s who’s also 5’9 I could never find one that didn’t also result in booty shorts. So I’m loving jumpsuits.

Here are some of the jumpsuits that I’m currently loving and daydreaming about adding to my travel wardrobe.


Old Navy – Chambray Cami Jumpsuit

I’m going to let you in on a secret…this one is already in my closet…and it’s as comfy as pjs. I plan on wearing it with some retro heels and long necklaces when I want to dress it up and with some Superstars and a cropped tee when I want to be super casual.

$33 CAD – Old Navy


Gap – Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit

This jersey kimono sleeve jumpsuit from Gap has also been stalking me thanks to remarketing. Wouldn’t it make the dreamiest airport travel outfit? Chic and put together but uber comfortable.

$71 CAD – Gap


Forever 21 – Striped Cami Jumpsuit

Can’t you just see yourself wearing this striped jumpsuit while strolling along a Mediterranean coastline? Or brunching in New York? Or sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar in Thailand? Something about this jumpsuit from Forever 21 just screams vacation to me.

$34 CAD – Forever 21


American Eagle – Floral Jumpsuit

Music festival anyone? I’m really into the fact that this one looks like a maxi dress but is actually a jumpsuit. The slits on the side would make it a bit breezier and gives it a bit of extra sexiness. I’d style this with some wedges and a big straw hat.

$58 CAD – American Eagle


H&M – Bandeau Jumpsuit

I love the soft, vaguely floral print of this jumpsuit from H&M. I also love that it comes with detachable straps so you can go bandeau style or cami style.

$70 CAD – H&M


Topshop – Strappy Jumpsuit

I would put this jumpsuit from Topshop high on my packing list for European summer travel. It’s flowy enough to be comfortable for a day of city exploring and has enough styling details to make it interesting and trendy.

$123 CAD – Topshop


Zara – Knotted Jumpsuit

I love the knotted detail of this classy jumpsuit from Zara and the Tercel fabric means that it will pack up light. I’d wear it with gold strappy sandals and delicate gold jewelry for a night out.

$80 CAD – Zara

So the question is, how many jumpsuits are too many to have in one’s travel wardrobe?

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