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How I Rediscovered the Art of Time with JORD

JORD Wooden Watch

I’m not sure when I stopped wearing a watch. I used to always have one on my wrist. One of my favourites as a teen was a vintage style Mickey Mouse watch with a leather strap. Classic but quirky. That probably sums me up pretty well actually.

Since I started carrying a cellphone, my watch wearing days have dwindled to almost nothing. If I wanted to know the time I’d just pull out the phone, which was almost always within arm’s reach anyway.

JORD recently decided to try to get me to change my mind about my timekeeping habits and sent me one of their wooden watches to take for a whirl. I thought they looked quite stunning on their website so I was up for the challenge.

JORD is a company based in St. Louis, run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders. They primarily design high quality watches for men and women.

I browsed through their collection of women’s watches and tried to imagine each one on my wrist. After some back and forth, I decided on the Frankie in dark sandalwood with an emerald green face. My first impression was that the face was too big for my wrist, but the more I’ve worn it, the more it’s really grown on me. The Frankie is no shrinking violet, she’s a statement watch.

And that statement is that her wearer wants to stand out without being flashy or blingy. She’s grounded and put together. No gimmicks or gaudiness. There’s a timeless elegance about a well-crafted watch that’s hard to beat.

JORD Watch in NYC


My New Travel BFF

While I don’t normally like to take my more expensive pieces with me when I travel due to a fear of them become targets for pickpockets or worse, I plan to travel with my JORD Frankie watch this fall. It’s eye-catching but not in a way that would turn it into theft bait like a flashier timepiece might.

In a similar way to how the perfect pair of jeans is always on my packing list because they go with everything, my Frankie watch makes the perfect travel companion because it’ll match any outfit I throw at it. That’s an important quality when deciding just what will make the cut for any travel capsule wardrobe.

I know that I won’t have to baby my watch while I’m travelling either. The watch face is made from sapphire Crystal glass, which is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth. The watch is also splash resistant so if I get caught in a bit of rain I’m good.

One thing to avoid is sudden, extreme changes in temperature. Don’t leave it in a hot car all day, for instance. Keeping your watch at a relatively consistent temperature and humidity will see you enjoying it for many years. Anticipating this, JORD ship their watches in beautiful cedar humidor boxes that will look gorgeous on your dresser.

An Unexpected Bonus

One of the unexpected benefits I’ve found from wearing my JORD watch for the past few weeks is that I’ve been picking my phone up fewer times throughout the day. It wasn’t uncommon for a simple pick up to check the time to turn into a 15 minute Instagram session. I’ve been actively trying to reduce my phone usage and to be more mindful in my surroundings so the reduction of phone pickups was a welcome bonus. Now, when I want to check the time, I just give my wrist a turn and admire that beautiful piece of timekeeping technology. The large minimalist face makes it just a quick second task with no risk of diving into Facebook zombieland.

If you want the beauty of a modern quality watch but can’t bear to reduce your connection to your device, don’t despair. JORD also creates a line of watch bands for the Apple Watch. So you can have the best of both worlds.

I really do have a thing for classic style. My dream handbag is a black quilted Chanel. I adore a perfectly tailored blazer. My white Converse are a staple. And now my JORD wooden watch will be added to that list.

Check out their website to find your own timeless timepiece…and then enter to win $100 towards it!

One lucky winner will get $100 gift code toward the purchase of any watch in the JORD collection. But that’s not all, every single one of you can get 10%. Not bad, right?

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Which model is your favourite?

Note: I’ve partnered with JORD on this review and giveaway but all opinions are my own.

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