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Friday Find: Ivory 2-in-1

Photo: Kate Sumbler

Photo: Kate Sumbler

These days, whether you’re a carry-on only traveller or one who, like me, has a bad habit of packing a suitcase full to bursting, finding products that can do double duty is always a reason to celebrate. Today’s find isn’t even one I was out hunting for which made the discovery even better.

I’ve started going to boxercise classes regularly and they’re kicking my ass so I’ve been taking more showers than normal. I didn’t want to have to do the whole shampoo then condition song and dance each night but if I only used shampoo my hair got dry and tangly. So I went on the hunt for a 2-in-1. I normally don’t care for these since they’re just not as good as two separate products. Even when I travel I tend to take one 100ml shampoo, one 100ml conditioner and one 100ml body wash. I’m indulgent like that. I had to find a way to not A) not go to bed with sweat-head, B) not kill my hair and C) spend the least amount of time in the shower post-workout.

On a shopping trip some simple but pretty teal and white packaging caught my eye. The new Ivory 2-in-1 Hair & Body. From the same people who bring you the classic bar soap. They really should call this stuff 3-in-1 because not only is it a shampoo/conditioner mix but it’s also a body wash. And the price? I paid $3 for 700ml. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Too good to be true? Guess I’d have to find out.

Ivory 2-in-1 |

To be honest, I was surprised by how it performed. I admit my expectations were low. It made my hair soft and tangle free, although a little flat. As a body wash it didn’t foam as much as my normal product but I came out of the shower feeling and smelling clean so that’s good enough for me. The scent is just a simple clean soapy smell that isn’t overpowering. This stuff is definitely going into a smaller container for my travel wash kit and those three other separate bottles are coming out. Now if I could only trim down my make-up bag…

I just love it when I randomly stumble upon something that will make my travel life easier. Have you made any random discoveries lately?

Note: I bought the giant bottle of Ivory 2-in-1 with my own hard-earned cash and no one asked me to write a review or continuously run my hands through my hair after a shower.

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