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How to Stay Stylish at the Airport

How to Stay Stylish at the Airport

Some suggestions to stay comfortable with style.

ballet flats | jersey dress | leggings | long cardi | scarf | sunglasses | carry-on

I’ve just booked a huge round the world itinerary with some really long overnight flights and I’d really like to avoid looking like a homeless person when I land so I’ve been thinking about how I could retain some modicum of style while still being comfortable.

If you’re taking a short haul flight there’s really no reason that you need to change your style for the airport. If you can sit at your desk in your outfit for an hour or two, you can travel in it, but more than a few hours in a cramped cabin and you’re going to want comfort. In the name of all things holy though, can we just say a big NO to sweats, Uggs and messy top knots? Surely, there’s a compromise between high fashion and looking like you rolled out of bed and onto the plane?

  • Leggings are a girl’s best friend. Pair them with a cute jersey dress or tunic and you’ll be just as comfy as you would in yoga pants and a t-shirt. One rule about leggings: they are not pants, so cover your butt.
  • Now you need a layering piece. If you can find a blazer in a neutral colour that’s comfortable and relatively wrinkle-free hold on to it with all your might. It’s worth its weight in gold. Long belted cardigans are also great.
  • A pashmina or other type of big scarf is a great accessory. Fun scarves can liven up any outfit, plus it can double as a blanket, pillow or light blocking eye mask in a pinch. Sunglasses are another must-have accessory – they’ll hide tired eyes after a long flight.
  • Ballet flats are great because they’re comfortable and you can easily slip them off going through security or on the plane. When flying during colder months, flat tall boots are a fashionable way to go. You don’t want anything too tight since your feet may swell with air pressure changes.
  • If you want your style to extend past your outfit (and you should) ditch the backpack and go for a chic carry-on. My current favourite is a purple mock-croc with an extendable handle and wheels.

We may never return to the era where taking a flight was an occasion to get dressed up, but there’s no reason we can’t look good while going from Point A to Point B. Do you have any style must-haves when traveling? Any airport fashion horror stories to share?


  1. Leah says:

    August 22nd, 2012 at 3:37 pm (#)

    I agree, you can stay stylish while on all those long flights! I always bring a lightweight wrap sweater on the plane with me. Keeps me warm and looks great with just about any getup!

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