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Friday Find: Secret Sweater

A sweater I could wear under a blazer that would add a layer of warmth without the bulk? It even comes in its own little pouch that looks like a small pillow? I’m intrigued. Enter the ‘secret sweater’, a packable, versatile, lightweight layering piece. Where does the secret come in? With no buttons and bulk you can easily wear it under a blazer to add some more warmth and no one would be the wiser. It packs up small enough that you could keep it in your purse for emergency chills.

It’s got enough style to stand on its own as well so you don’t need to always hide it under jackets. It’s casual enough to throw on over your exercise gear but it wouldn’t be out of place over a nice dress for a dinner out. As a bonus, if you wear your Secret Sweater under a blazer you can cut down on dry cleaning expenses for your jackets.

I think the Secret Sweater is going to become a part of my regular travel wardrobe. It’s packability makes it great for my carry-on, when you can never count on the temperature of the airport or airplane. I can also see it being very handy if you’re visiting a warm climate but venture somewhere like a temple where you should keep your shoulders covered. Just whip this out of your purse and tuck it away again when you’re done.

Secret Sweater |

Shown with my purse and a quarter for size.

I’m planning a three week European trip this summer and I have visions or strolling around beautiful old towns in cute summer dresses, adorable flats and stylish shades. My Secret Sweater will be perfect when evening comes and I need to ward off the chill before I duck into a bistro for dinner.

I like the fabric as it’s soft and doesn’t seem likely to pill or get pulled out of shape. The sleeves are a bit of an awkward length on me with the cuff hitting me right in the middle of my elbow. Granted, I have long arms but I found myself attempting to push up the sleeves all the time to get them above the bend in my elbow. If you’re arms are shorter they’ll probably cover your elbow entirely and not be an issue. My only other wish for the sweater was that the pouch was somehow built into the sweater itself – maybe a hidden pocket in the back – although that might add to its bulk. Right now the pouch makes for a nice, neat package in your carry-on but once you’re wearing the sweater you’re literally left holding the bag.

Secret Sweater |

Perfect for making a sleeveless top office appropriate.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about exploitation of foreign workers in the textile industry in places like Bangladesh and Cambodia. If you’re looking to spend your clothing dollars closer to home you’ll be happy to learn that the Secret Sweater is manufactured in the USA.

The verdict: this little piece lives up to its promise. It’s warm, hardy, versatile and worth adding to your own travel wardrobe.

Note: I received a sweater to review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Lesley says:

    June 24th, 2018 at 10:52 am (#)

    Want it!!!

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