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Are you looking for a specific travel guide for your next adventure? If so, you are in the right place. I have compiled all my travel articles and guides, grouped them into countries, and listed them all on this page so you can find exactly what you are look for.

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  • Eastport Newfoundland Accordion Festival |


    Canada’s newest province and the most easterly point in North America has something for every visitor, whether you’re into icebergs, whales, colourful buildings, or colourful people.

    Explore Newfoundland

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica might be the perfect tropical getaway, filled with nature, beautiful beaches, adventure, and sloths!

    Explore Costa Rica

  • Island Hopping in El Nido


    Over 7,000 islands of white sand beaches, palm trees, and happy, friendly people away you in the Philippines. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

    Explore Philippines

  • Santiago


    Whether you’re into wine or adventure, desert or ocean, urban or getting lost in the middle of nowhere, Chile has you covered.

    Explore Chile


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