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These Are the Cheapest European Destinations from Every Province This Summer

Cheapest Flights to Europe from Every Province

If you’re Canadian and have been considering visit Europe this summer but haven’t decided where yet, I’ve done a bit of research for you. I used Google Flights to have a look for the cheapest one-week return flights from Canadian airports to anywhere in Europe during July, August, and September.

The results were a bit surprising.

I wasn’t surprised to see London and Dublin flights popping up for the East Coast, but what did surprise me was the fact that Iceland took the top spot for 46% of provinces and territories.

So cross the Blue Lagoon off your bucket list, go climb a glacier, or simply marvel at stunning waterfalls while you road trip the Ring Road. There are a ton of reasons to put Iceland on your bucket list.

For best overall summer vacation value, Nova Scotians have it made with cheap, direct flights to Dublin – the most affordable destination overall on the list once you factor in accommodations and attractions.


See the full data below (origin airport, cheapest European destination, and cheapest airfare found on June 18, 2019) and get booking. Regardless of what city you choose, you can’t go wrong with an international getaway.

Newfoundland & Labrador (YYT): London, $683

Nova Scotia (YHZ): Dublin, $753

Prince Edward Island (YYG): Reykjavik, $966

New Brunswick (YQM): London, $759

Quebec (YUL): Paris, $528

Ontario (YYZ): Reykjavik, $548

Manitoba (YWG): Paris, $803

Saskatchewan (YXE): London, $840

Alberta (YYC): Reykjavik, $697

British Columbia (YVR): Reykjavik, $693

Yukon (YXY): Reykjavik, $1059

Northwest Territories (YZF): London, $1159

Nunavut (YFB): Reykjavok, $4476


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