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2017 Travel Gift Guide

2017 Travel Gift Guide for the Well-Travelled Woman

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a well-traveled woman. I’ve combed through tons of products and rounded up some of my own favourite items from the past year, as well as things that will be on my own Christmas list this year, to create my 2017 travel gift guide. Have a look through and check that traveller off your list.


Kameleon Convertible Travel Dress

A Convertible Travel Dress That Doesn’t Suck

I was sent my first convertible travel dress a few years ago to try…and it did not go well. I was excited to test it out because, back then, I was still a terrible overpacker and the thought of being able to pack one item for multiple outfits was enticing. The package arrived and I eagerly opened it up. “It’s…leopard print. Huh.” Would the KameleonRose convertible travel dress be different?


2015 Gift Guide |

2015 Travel Gift Guide for the Traveller in Your Life

It’s that time of year again. I don’t know how it’s late-November already. Seriously, how did that happen? Didn’t I just blink and it was (Canadian) Thanksgiving? Normally, I’m all up on Christmas shopping in September. This year, not so much. Procrastination is real. So instead of getting through my own list, I’m going to procrastinate some more and help you with yours. Have a travel lover on your shopping list? I put together a gift guide just for you.


Minimalist Travel Makeup |

My Minimalist Travel Makeup

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to forgo all your beauty products, but it also doesn’t mean you need to pack the whole bathroom cabinet. I always love “what did I pack” posts so I thought I’d give you a peek into my own travel makeup bag.


Venus Snap |

Friday Find: Venus Snap Travel Razor

I must admit that I love my fancy Venus razor with replaceable blade cartridges, but it sucks at travel. The packaging for the blade wasn’t reusable and just sticking the razor into my toiletry kit while on the road was a dangerous, messy option. I may have fist pumped in the aisle at Target when I stumbled onto the Venus Snap.


2014 Travel Gift Guide

2014 Travel Gift Guide for the Travel Lover

Can you believe that we’re already 10 days into December? Yikes! Christmas always seems to sneak up on me and this year is no different. I know it seems like everyone and their dog is putting out a gift guide this time of year, but I love looking at them all when I get stumped on a cool gift for someone. I also wanted to share some things that I use in my travel life that I think would make fab gifts for the travel lover on your shopping list.


NARS The Multiple |

Friday Find: The Multiple by NARS

When I found myself in a Sephora on the mainland recently I decided to take a chance and splurged on The Multiple by NARS, thinking it would make a great addition to my travel kit. Combine the Multiple with my other favourite multi-purpose beauty product, BB cream, and you’ve got a full, basic face in just two tubes. You can’t get a whole lot more efficient than that.


Secret Sweater |

Friday Find: Secret Sweater

A sweater I could wear under a blazer that would add a layer of warmth without the bulk? It even comes in its own little pouch that looks like a small pillow? I’m intrigued. Enter the ‘secret sweater’, a packable, versatile, lightweight layering piece.


Bra bag from the Brag Company |

Friday Find: Hard-shell Bra Case

I apologize right now to my male readers. You’re probably going to have little interest in what I’ve got to say. Unless you too have trouble with mangled bras and underwear going astray in your suitcase. In which case, read on and say good-bye to squashed bras.


Friday Find: Ivory 2-in-1

These days, whether you’re a carry-on only traveller or one who, like me, has a bad habit of packing a suitcase full to bursting, finding products that can do double duty is always great. Today’s find isn’t even one I was out hunting for which made the discovery even better.


Velo 2 laptop bag from STM Bags |

The Hunt for the Perfect Laptop Bag

Before I left for Korea this spring I went scouring the internet for a cool, stylish laptop bag. I would mainly be working from home but I also knew I’d become a coffee shop hobo at least a few times. I found some really cute bags but in the end I got cheap and decided I could make due with a messenger bag that I already had. It was a bit of a mistake. I really should have continued my search for a great laptop case.


2012 Travel Gift Guide |

2012 Travel Gift Guide

Less than a month from Christmas and you have no idea what to buy the traveller in your life? Fret no more – I’ve researched it for you and cherry picked the products that I think would make the best gifts for those afflicted with wanderlust. Friends and family… you listening? It covers everything from luggage and packing, dealing with your electronics and a few fun things thrown in.


My New Favourite Travel Gear

Before every big trip I think “I must have everything I need. I don’t need to buy anything.” and yet every time, I buy stuff. Usually it’s clothes. Sometimes it’s gear. Often it turns out that I didn’t really need the things I bought. This time though I actually made my travel ife easier with these new purchases. If you’re doing some traveling soon and haven’t yet refined your gear list down to the essential must-haves, let me show you what worked for me.


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