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Tips for Flying Ryanair

When you think of budget airlines I bet Ryanair is one of the first ones that comes to mind, isn’t it? They advertise prices so low that you figure they can’t be true. Well, they are…sort of. Flying Ryanair can be cheap but it can also test your fine print reading skills and the limits of your patience. Make a wrong move and it could cost you. I recently made my first two trips with the discount carrier and I wanted to share a few things I learned.


The Godfrey Hotel - Chicago |

How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Chic Hotel

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret. I love hotels. Staying in a nice hotel is one of my favourite things. Maybe it’s the free cable. Maybe it’s the lack of housekeeping responsibility. Maybe it’s the tiny soaps. I sometimes think about how I can bring that hotel feel back home with me. So I came up with a few tips.


Mimoza |

How to Kick Ass at Dining Solo

A big hurdle for first-time solo travellers is eating alone. It may even keep them from travelling at all. Will people judge us and our table for one? Will we get poor service? How will we occupy our time before the food comes? Never fear. I’m here to show you how to kick ass at dining solo.


Friday Find: Ivory 2-in-1

These days, whether you’re a carry-on only traveller or one who, like me, has a bad habit of packing a suitcase full to bursting, finding products that can do double duty is always great. Today’s find isn’t even one I was out hunting for which made the discovery even better.


How to Fly for (Almost) Free |

How to Fly for Free (Almost)

Collect reward miles to fly for (almost) free! A lot people can’t be bothered but I’ll show you that it’s not hard and certainly worth the effort. I found myself having a few conversations on Twitter recently that got me thinking about sharing what I’ve learned. Sharing is caring and one thing I care about is helping people get out there and see the world without bankrupting themselves. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a points n00b, just showing my Air Miles card when I bought groceries, using my non-rewards debit and earning a sad few points here and there. But then I discovered travel and travel hacking and now I’m a convert.


Jet Lag |

Jet Lag: 7 Tips to Help You Kick Its Ass

“Is jet lag a real thing?” he asked as my head bobbed in front of my computer screen. Day three after returning from my trip to Asia and I was exhausted. If you’ve never experienced it, let me tell you, jet lag is indeed a very real thing. Crossing more than two time zones usually comes with the added bonuses of fatigue, disrupted sleep patterns, irritability, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating and more. In just over two weeks I’m going to be travelling back to Korea and most likely facing another fight with jet lag. This time I’m going to arm myself for battle and I intend to be victorious.


2012 Travel Gift Guide |

2012 Travel Gift Guide

Less than a month from Christmas and you have no idea what to buy the traveller in your life? Fret no more – I’ve researched it for you and cherry picked the products that I think would make the best gifts for those afflicted with wanderlust. Friends and family… you listening? It covers everything from luggage and packing, dealing with your electronics and a few fun things thrown in.


My Love/Hate Relationship with Group Tours

I have a love/hate relationship with group tours when I travel. If we were in a relationship on Facebook, it could only be labelled as “it’s complicated”. When they’re good, they’re very, very good but when they’re bad they’re horrid. I tend to stick to day trips rather than multi-day tours. What’s your opinion on group tours?


My New Favourite Travel Gear

Before every big trip I think “I must have everything I need. I don’t need to buy anything.” and yet every time, I buy stuff. Usually it’s clothes. Sometimes it’s gear. Often it turns out that I didn’t really need the things I bought. This time though I actually made my travel ife easier with these new purchases. If you’re doing some traveling soon and haven’t yet refined your gear list down to the essential must-haves, let me show you what worked for me.


Hostel Dorm by Mark Hill Photography

When You’re on a Budget and a Dorm Won’t Do

Traveling on a budget means different things to different people. For some, it’s traveling as cheaply as possible. For others, it means having a fixed limit in mind and prioritizing where that money is spent. When I travel, I look for somewhere that’s clean, safe and in a good location. Anything else is a bonus. I’ve considered the hostel dorm, but it’s just not my style. What options do I have left?



How to Stay Stylish at the Airport

I’ve just booked a huge round the world itinerary with some really long overnight flights and I’d really like to avoid looking like a homeless person when I land so I’ve been thinking about how I could retain some modicum of style while still being comfortable. Surely, there’s a compromise between high fashion and looking like you rolled out of bed and onto the plane?


Maple Leaf Lounge

The Secret to a Zen Airport Layover

I’m lounging in a plush leather chair, sipping a Guinness, reading a magazine and feeling a bit like a fraud. You see, my plane ticket is for economy (or as I call it, steerage) but I’m hanging out in an oasis of calm in a busy airport. This trip did not get off to an auspicious start. I had to park in the far off overflow parking and a wheel fell off my suitcase meaning I had to half carry, half drag the bag until someone took pity on me. Why don’t airports have luggage cart corrals like grocery stores? The lounge was just the thing to soothe my nerves. Wine was needed. Once you pass through the lounge doors you’re immediately buffered from the bustle of airport activity. The experience is rather calm and serene, which is in contrast with the sometimes chaotic nature of airports. The chairs are…


Irish National Road

How Not to Drive Around Ireland

Ireland can be fun and enjoyable if you like narrow winding roads, averaging 60km/hr and remembering to flip all your left/right instincts. Oh my God, the roads. I think I know why the Irish drink. A pint was just what I needed to soothe my nerves after a day’s drive. These are some tips I’ve picked up for how to not drive around Ireland.


My Favourite Travel Apps

My Favourite Travel Apps

These days I never go anywhere without my phone and it seems that no matter what I want to do my phone can help me out. Want to know if your flight connection is long enough to sample a local brew in the airport bar? There’s an app for that. Want to find a coffee shop for breakfast close by? There’s an app for that. Want to ask out that cute bartender but you don’t speak Norwegian? There’s an app for that. Here are some of the apps that I’ve found especially handy on the road.


Popping Your “Big Apple” Cherry

Every now and then someone says to me “I’m going to New York for the first time, do you have any tips?”. Do I have tips? Does my cat like scratching leather? Yes, yes he does (RIP my red “rock star” jacket). New York can definitely be overwhelming so I thought I’d compile my own personal tips and suggestions for the first time visitor.


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