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South America

Stories from countries in South America.

El Tatio Geysers

Visiting El Tatio Geysers at Sunrise

El Tatio is a geyser field that sits at just over 14,000 feet above sea level. With over 80 geysers scattered around the area, it makes El Tatio not only the highest geyser field in the world, but the third largest. It was definitely on my Chile bucket list.


Hand of the Desert

Visiting the Hand of the Desert in Chile

Imagine driving along a desolate desert highway and spotting something dark on the horizon. It’s too solid to be a tree. Too big to be a human. Too small to be a building. As you get closer you realize it’s a hand. A really big stone hand. The Hand of the Desert in fact.


Los Hornos del Monte empanadas

The Hunt for the Best Empanadas in Chile

If I was only going to eat one local food when I was in Chile, it was going to be empanadas. When planning our trip to Chile, I had a a handful of non-negotiable things that needed to happen: visit the Concha y Toro vineyard, stay at Winebox Hotel in Valparaiso, go stargazing in the Atacama Desert, and eat empanadas. All of the empanadas.


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