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Suitcase and Heels Suitcase and Heels

North America

My home continent. I have been to most Canadian provinces and over a dozen states.

Newfoundland Mummers Parade

Any Mummers ‘lowed In?

I was walking down the street on a beautiful December afternoon in St. John’s, Newfoundland and who passes me, but someone in red long johns and Sorel boots with a big hobby horse head obscuring his own, accompanied by someone else with a lace doily covering their face. Weird, right? Most bizarre masked stick-up? Nope, I was on my way to the Mummers Parade.


Times Square |

Third Time in New York in 2015

My first two trips to New York City this year each had their own mishaps. From needing medical attention to the disappointment of a rained out ballgame. I’m hoping that the third time’s the charm and that my visit this week and next will go smoothly. I’m going to be spending a lot more time in Brooklyn and I’m excited to check out this new-to-me neighbourhood.


Meet the Met |

Meet the Met

Though I’d been to New York three times before I’d never yet made it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I knew I was missing out but the place is so big and daunting, I just didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, Walks of New York stepped in to help me out.


Montreal Cat Cafe |

Cat Cafés of Montreal

I love the idea of cat cafes. A hot beverage and a furry companion. What could be better? They are everywhere in Asia and I knew I had to get myself to one when I was in South Korea, because I couldn’t see how one would ever open in North America. What insurance company would allow it? What health board? But lo and behold… Montreal now has three.


What to Pack for Boston |

What I Wore in Boston

I was recently in Boston to speak at the Women in Travel Summit. I initially had thoughts of going carry-on only but a mix of day and evening events, chilly weather and the fact that I extended my stay to 6 days put the kibosh to that. Want to know what I packed for springtime in Boston?


Where to Eat in Boston - Mike's Pastry |

Where I Ate in Boston

I was in Boston recently, speaking at the Women in Travel Summit and, of course, while I was in Beantown I had to check out the food scene. Food is often one of those things that I remember best about the places I visit. Over the past decade Boston has been experiencing an emerging foodie scene focused on local ingredients. There’s a lot more going on than just clam chowder.


Vulcan, Alberta -

Live Long and Prosper in Vulcan, Alberta

There’s a town in Southern Alberta, Canada where each summer the 1800-odd residents put on pointy rubber ears and welcome hundreds of Trekkies to celebrate the home planet of one, fictional, Mr. Spock. Where you can have your photo taken while dressed as a Klingon or an unlucky Red Shirt and sit in the Captain’s chair, commanding Number One to ‘make it so’. Where you can buy a bag of tea emblazoned with the face of Sir Patrick Stewart. Tea. Earl grey. Hot.


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