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Tips for Lost Luggage

Nobody likes dealing with lost luggage. Even though what happens next after your suitcase has been checked and disappears into the dark abyss of the luggage belt is entirely out of your control there are still some things you can do to mitigate the disaster of lost luggage. And while the tidal wave of lost baggage starting to get better, it’s still good to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.


Lechon Asado

6 Foods to Try on Your First Trip to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican cuisine is an absolute fiesta for your taste buds, and it’s all thanks to this vibrant melting pot of Spanish, African, and Taíno influences. From succulent roast pork to flavorful rice and beans, Puerto Rican food offers an array of mouthwatering options. So, whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking to tickle your taste buds with something new, these traditional Puerto Rican dishes are a sunny delight for everyone to enjoy!


Vacay romper

Is Costa Rica Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

There’s a question that’s on the minds of many adventurous solo female travellers: “Is Costa Rica safe?” I’ve got you covered with a full guide to safety, packed with practical tips and personal recommendations to empower you on your unforgettable journey through this stunning Central American gem.


When to Visit Newfoundland

When Is The Best Time to Visit Newfoundland?

Whenever I meet someone who has never been to my fair province, first I encourage them to come see us and second, I tell them that I think there’s one time of year that’s better than others to visit Newfoundland for the first time. And that time, my friends, is upon us right now. While there are cool things to do here at any time of the year my own favourite is from early-July to mid-August, when it feels like the province is full of colour and the people most lively. The temperatures finally warm up and we all come out of hibernation. The streets are full of people, the whales come out to play, and every weekend there’s a festival on the go somewhere.


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